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Three years after releasing the cosmic laced full album, “The Grand Unification” which grossed 100k downloads Worldwide within the Torrent community, Ascended Essence, made up of four emcees and two in-house beat makers, hailing from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and beyond, returns the multicity collective with Dark Flow Theory, their latest full length offering just before the end of the year or the world- depending on if you believe the Mayans.

If The Grand Unification lifted the listener to the clouds with positivity and clean lyrics then Dark Flow Theory is the express elevator back to Earth. Serving as tour guides on this lyrical journey back to the real world, emcees Arc-Diz, Epademc, Morpheous, and Mt. Sinai deliver their reports without trying to outshine each other. The end result is an introspective and cohesive commentary on society from each rappers perspective. Beatmakers Brent T. and Recruit have created a sonically diverse canvas for the listener transcript the four emcees dissertations into testable theories of Darkness.

With a more organic introspective look at into the artist’s incumbent, as well as shedding light on the Darker-side of the artist’s personalities. Hence, ‘Dark Flow Theory’ was conceived– Staying true to the cosmic allure with the title of the mixtape– a metaphor that envelopes the evolution/expansion of the group; streamlining darker theme tracks with more lyrical grit and deep theory/philosophies, said the groups chief engineer Epademc on the approach to putting together the new release.

With production and writing of the first song ‘Our Time’ beginning in summer 2011, the group originally set out to make DFT a full length album but instead chose to take the material and give fans a free mixtape instead. Describing the process of converting the project from full length to mixtape Epademc had commented, ‘Given that Ascended Essence produces, writes, records, and masters our music in-house. The effort took a bit longer than initially anticipated.’

Veteran Roanoke, Virginia, turntablist, DJ Hoodie hosts the twenty track project, which is available for download at better Torrent sites, Hip hop blogs as well as http://ascendedessence.com on December 21, 2012.  Download from the Link below!

2010 Album Cover "Grand Unification"


Ascended Essence is a multi-cultural hip-hop collective that fuses hip-hop, classical styles, electronica, world music, and hard beats into a sound that is entirely unique. The intelligence their compositions illuminate lyrically and musically while raising the listeners vibration to the point of grand unification. Fronted by members Epademc, Arc-Disciple, Mt. Sinai, and Rick Root; Ascended Essence will not disappoint those music listeners looking for something fresh yet timeless…As the official debut album from Ascended Essence, The Grand Unification is for the intelligent listener who favors music with hard multi-genre sampling/instrumental and witty/contemplative lyrics. One thing is certain, The Essence is Ascended!The 17 songs that encompass this album were recorded from early 2007 to 2009. Official release date was November 11th, 2009. If you like what you hear and would like to support the movement, please purchase the album in our webstore for just 9.99 USD!